Our Expectation of Students

​Students at Assisi Catholic College are expected to be respectful; be responsible; be their own person; be prepared and to be persistent.

 Be Respectful

Students will display this quality by:

  • Respecting the rights of others to learn

  • Being polite and well-mannered at all times

  • Following all teacher directions

  • Speaking positively and listening attentively to others

  • Using appropriate language in an appropriate tone

  • Being tolerant of others and their skills

  • Keeping out of and respecting other’s personal space

  • Taking care of the natural and physical environment, ensuring all rubbish is placed in bins, furniture and equipment returned to correct area and bags left in designated areas.

 Be Responsible

Students will display this quality by:

  • Wearing school uniform with pride

  • Being punctual to class, Assembly and all school-related activities

  • Being on task and knowing timetable in order to be in the right class at the right time

  • Moving quickly to classes without running and waiting quietly outside classrooms

  • Wearing hats at all times when outdoors and following sun-safe procedures

  • On the playground, playing safely and following all rules

  • Switching off all mobile phones / Ipods / MP3 players between 9:00am and 3:30pm

  • Using all facilities (toilets and drinks) during break time and remembering to be hygienic (washing and drying hands)

  • Walking bikes through school grounds

  • Moving quickly and quietly and sitting in Class / Family Team lines at Assembly; listening quietly,

    respecting Guest Speakers and applauding appropriately

  • Waiting behind fence until instructed by teacher to move in the correct order when waiting for the bus.

Be Your Own Person

Students will display this quality by:

  • Taking every opportunity to learn

  • Monitoring own thinking and maintaining a high standard of living out the Franciscan values

  • Forgiving others, resolving conflict and promoting non-violence

  • Using Franciscan Five as a time for self to reflect, pray and meditate

  • Showing compassion towards others

  • Believing in self – You Can Do It!!

Be Prepared

Students will display this quality by:

  • Always turning up prepared with correct equipment

  • Planning appropriately and identifying and using necessary resources

  • Attending all appointments on time

  • Completing homework on time and submitting all pieces of assessment by due date

  • Returning excursion and other forms promptly

  • Displaying appropriate passes / forms (late or early departures) when required.

Be Persistent

Students will display this quality by:

  • Asking for help if unsure

  • Taking a position after consideration of the rights of all

  • Trying hard with difficult tasks and using different ways to solve the problem

  • Pushing the limit of your own knowledge and abilities.