Principal's Welcome

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​​At Assisi Catholic College, we encourage all our students to become self-directed learners who are engaged in their learning and interested in developing their many talents in all aspects of College life. Our College motto of Shape Your Tomorrow nominates the student as the “shaper" of their destiny. Our dedicated staff offer highly focussed and guided instruction which encourages a combination of collaborative and individual learning. This in part, is facilitated by our committed support staff who also provide the landscape, environment and opportunity for all students to grow and learn, but, ultimately, it is the student who is responsible for their 'tomorrow'.

Connectedness is the key to our College processes and structures. Students from Prep to Year 12 are connected through our expansive curriculum, strong Franciscan tradition, Family Team system and College Habits and Values. ​​​

What do parents want in a school?​

After being educated in a Catholic School, working as a teacher, and being a father myself, I believe that parents look for Catholic schools to provide for their children:

  • A safe and connected learning community.

  • An opportunity to become active learners who can access strong academic and vocational pathways.

  • A continuation of the parent's work of shaping morally strong, independent young adults in the Catholic tradition, who will meaningfully add to the fabric of our society.​

At Assisi Catholic College these objectives are foremost in our teaching practices. 


John Frare