Middle Years


In the Middle Years at Assisi Catholic College, students gain a genuine sense of family and belonging as they are welcomed as Year Seven students to our Assisi Family. The knowing of acceptance and connectedness is quickly established due to strong and meaningful relationships based on trust and respect with staff and students. The College prides itself on our exceptional transition program, provided for our Junior Years students and the wider community. Furthermore, our Middle Years students develop an understanding of their call to the Catholic Family and Franciscan Values as they recognise their personal gifts for the service of others.

Students embrace an understanding of our shared Values and Habits, showing persistence in the face of adversity and together encourage, inspire and model resilience amidst the challenges of being a young adolescent.

Our innovative teaching and support staff, who know and understand our students well, employ powerful pedagogical strategies to challenge and extend students within a supportive environment. A coherent curriculum of combined core and elective subjects is focused on the identified needs and interests of students whilst high expectations, goal setting and an emphasis for self-directed learners ensures students have the confidence and ambition to always seek greatness. The Middle Years precinct is intrinsically connected to our Senior Years and through our aligned curriculum and consistency in excellent learning and teaching, our Middle Years students are well prepared for academic and vocational success in their final phase of schooling. 

At Assisi Catholic College students flourish in their Middle Years journey by knowing their purpose and their full potential to shape their tomorrow. 

“We become what we love and who we love shapes what we become" - St Clare of Assisi​