Middle Years

​​​​The students in the middle years are fortunate to be learning in a dynamic and innovative environment that shapes their tomorrow. Assisi is a place where the transition between Year 6 and Year 7 is seamless and all students are known as individuals and programs are tailored for each and every learner. Students in Year 7 rotate through a variety of electives and have the opportunity to build relationships and try new experiences at the year 7 camp. ​At Assisi, students will experience rich specialist and elective learning opportunities alongside comprehensive core learning areas such as History, Geography, Science, Civics and Citizenship. Year 8 students complete their rotation in electives and in Semester two select 2 subjects to undertake in greater depth.In Year 9 students at Assisi have the opportunity to strive to become part of our Extension programs. They select two electives for each semester to build on their progress and successes of the previous years and all students have the opportunity to participate in a week-long excursion to Canberra.   Students have access to a range of teachers, groups and experiences through our flexible learning spaces. Teachers assess and plan collaboratively to develop a purposeful and logical learning program from Year 7 through to Year 9 and beyond. Effective assessment is critical if we are to tailor our teaching to your child. We use a range of assessment tools to establish the level at which your child is working. Using that as a starting point, together we plan a learning program for your child that is challenging whilst continually being monitored and revised.  We are proud of the growth in our Middle Years students to be unique and innovative through the implementation of our Assisi Habits and Values. ​​​​