Why Assisi?


At Assisi Catholic College we journey with each student to prepare them for the ever-changing world in which they live.  Through our inspiring educators' students are immersed in the Assisi Way to shape their tomorrow by;

  1. Nurturing Positive Wellbeing – Students who feel happy and safe perform better.  (positive relationships, resilience, respect )

  2. Innovative Next Level Learning – our teachers know where each student is at in their learning, are responsive to these needs and develop strategies for improved learning progress. Students are supported through numerous opportunities to realise their full learning potential and achieve excellence.  (creative, critical thinkers and engaged learners, growth mindset).

  3. Growth through Service – we empower each student to have a voice and contribute to their world.  Students are involved in a range of experiences where their service to others has a profound impact on shaping their own lives and preparing them for their future as global citizens. (service, making a difference, empathic)


Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible. St Francis