Junior Years

Junior Years students at Assisi Catholic College are reflective, self-directed learners. JY Students strive to shape their tomorrow and enrich our changing world, by living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Students are enculturated in Franciscan Values and learn to speak the Italian language.  Technology is embraced in the Junior Years, transforming learning and teaching and promoting a commitment to life-long learning for all. In JY, the explicit teaching of skills support and encourage learners to explore the world and develop meaning through inquiry-based learning. JY teachers embrace innovative teaching practices to deliver rich, dynamic, student-driven 21stcentury learning. Through the use of flexible learning spaces and JYTech, the Juniors Years technology lab, students have opportunities to engage, design and produce in environments that are conducive to creativity.Student Leadership at Assisi begins in the Junior Years. Our JY leaders, supported by a team of Peer Mediators, are advocates for student voice and play an important role in supporting and designing learning and play experiences in the Early and Junior Years. ​Junior Years teachers and students take pride in their community, a place where diversity is warmly welcomed and trust is fundamental to all relationships within. Growth mindsets are encouraged to support effective engagement between teachers and students and enhance accomplishments and relationships. Assisi Junior Years Students are equipped with the skills to flourish, rise to life's challenges, overcome setbacks and strive to fulfil their dreams.  ​ ​  ​