P & F Association Information


​​The P&F Committee is an integral part of the Assisi Catholic College Community.

As a Catholic school in the Franciscan tradition, the College P&F represent a large body of parents with students ranging from Prep to Year 12.  Built over a 10 year period in the fast growing suburb of Upper Coomera, South East Queensland, we are now a fully established Catholic College.


In 2015 the College celebrated its 10 Year Anniversary.

 The main objectives of the P&F Committee are to: 

  • Create and maintain a strong sense of community and belonging within the College partnerships;

  • Actively support the College in all facets of 21st Century learners, parents / carers and staff based on the Catholic ethos;

  • Act as the conduit between Parents and the College;

  • Be involved in shaping our child(rens) educational journey;

  • To foster parent-teacher-student understanding and communication whether it be academic, community, cultural, faith, sporting or vocational. 

Current P&F Executive Committee:

President -             ​  Daniela Bone​​​

Vice President -     Dannye McFaul​

Treasurer -               Amanda Morrish​​

Secretary -               Carly Been

Immediate Past President -  Dannye McFaul



Email -                      ​assisipf@gmail.com

Facebook -             Assisi P&F Facebook


Questions & Answers:

Q.  Do I have to pay an annual fee to be a member of the P&F?

A.  No, you do not need to pay a fee to be a member.  All parents of students who attend the College automatically become Parent’s & Friends members. You and yours are welcome to attend the monthly meetings.


Q.  How and when do the P&F committee meet and discuss items?

A.  There is a monthly P&F meeting held at the College.  It is held at 6pm on the first Tuesday of each month in the Administration Building.  The meeting involves the P&F Committee, the Principal and other staff members as well as any interested parents and family members from the College.  As well as this meeting, the P&F Committee keep in regular correspondence with the Principal on relevant items as they arise throughout the year.


Q.  I cannot attend the P&F meetings but am interested in keeping involved- is there any other means of communication?

A. There is a P&F Facebook page that is accessible to all that communicates relevant information from these monthly meetings and other general items. The link to this page is: Assisi P&F ​Facebook


Alternatively, you are more than welcome to email any items you wish to be raised via our P&F email:  assisipf@gmail.com.au.

Please note the P&F email is only monitored and accessed by the P&F executive as listed above.


Q.  Are you aware of the projects the P&F have undertaken in supporting the College?

A.  There have been a number of projects that have been fully / partly funded by the P&F Committee over the years.  These include:


Major Projects:

‘Spoleto’ Building extension ($500,000)

The largest project undertaken by the P&F has been to fund half of a major building extension of the Spoleto building in 2013.  The Spoleto Building works included a two-storey extension of a covered sports area / stage, gym, toilets, accessible lift, canteen and viewing platform to the secondary ‘Secondo’ oval. The loan towards this major contribution is still being serviced and is due to be paid off ahead of time (by 5 years) in 2018.  Contributions to this outstanding loan are one of the P&F’s main commitments.


‘Perugia’ Auditorium extension ($60,000)

A contribution towards the Perugia Auditorium extension works during the BER (Building the Educational Revolution).



Minor Projects:

Corti Sport Courts ($120,000)

The College's first outdoor courts were built in 2007 and funded by the innaugral P&F.

Sports Uniform Kits ($50,000)

A contribution of uniform kits to allow the students involved in intra-school / regional sports competitions to have an Assisi College identity.


Auditorium Chairs ($50,000)

A contribution of chairs to Perugia Auditorium / Sports Hall to increase the multi-use of the space.  It provides seating for a number of students, staff & families during the assemblies and meetings held in this building throughout the year.


Electronic Signage ($30,000)

This Assisi College branded LED signage was a contribution of the P&F as part of the 10-year centenary celebrations at the College in 2015.  It enables College communication of news to the Assisi community from the front boundary of Billinghurst Crescent.


Gym Equipment ($20,000)

A contribution of all the gym equipment to the new gym delivered as part of the Spoleto Building in 2013.  This allowed gym classes to be developed and implemented for the students (and possibly the Assisi Community in coming years).


Helping Hands Charity ($5,000)

A contribution towards the College’s charity  ‘Helping Hands’ which assists families at the College that require assistance during the year due to unforeseen circumstances.  For more information on this charity, please contact Cath Manning: cmanning@assisi.qld.edu.au​